Saturday, October 9, 2010

PJ and Jack

PJ's one of the greatest rockers ever, and probably the sexiest. Above, my favorite of her golden oldies. She's 41 today.

Rolling Stone pronounced Jackson Browne the greatest lyricist of the seventies. I found him when I was a teenager, attracted not only to those great lyrics and melodies, but also to his persona, and to his sensibility. He's always meant a lot to me. His age is always easy to figure—"In '69, I was 21", from Runnin' on Empty—therefore, today he is 62.

Below, a link to a great version I found at Youtube to a 2008 acoustic version of Browne doing These Days, which was not imbeddable. Below that, for you motherfuckers too lazy to follow a link, or for the greedy bastards among you who think you deserve an extra song, from 1974 (and Don Kirshner's Rock Concert!), Looking Into You:

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