Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fuck off, Finchie

The last incredible minutes of the Greatest Television Program ever, the original, British, The Office. Paula Jane and I just finished watching the whole series again, for probably the twentieth time, and if anything, it is better every time we see it. If your spirit doesn't soar when David Brent tells Chris Finch to fuck off, and if you're not moved when Dawn reads Tim's note (Never Give Up!), and if you're still not affected when Dawn comes back to the party alone, you're way too fucking cool for me, my friend.

We love the American The Office, too. It may be the funniest program on television today, and I can't praise it enough. One thing it doesn't have, though, is Ricky Gervais—not only his inimitable presence as David Brent, but his (and Stephen Merchant's) writing and direction. The original program has greater depth, and is populated by what feel like real people, giving the comedy greater richness, I think, and moments like those described above greater resonance.

And the theme song—when I hear it, my heart melts. Yeah, sure, there are better TV theme songs, but none that capture the essence of this one, the best there ever was.

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