Sunday, October 17, 2010

Face of Evil, Face of Fear

Found this at Andrew Sullivan's blog, the subject of a book by Dan Porat titled The Boy: A Holocoust Story.

This picture is not from a movie, it is the real thing, a terrible image alluding to twentieth century horrors we think to be well behind us. Do not kid yourself. Right-wing extremism is in vogue all over Europe, coincident with the world-wide depression wrought by American corporatists.

Germany's Bush-light chancellor Angela Merkel was recently quoted as saying that tolerance in Germany was a thing that cannot work. "The approach of saying, 'Well, let's just go for a multicultural society, let's coexist and enjoy each other,' this very approach has failed, absolutely failed," she claimed, earlier this week. According to a new poll, not only do more that 30% of Germans agree that their country has been "overrun by foreigners," 60% believe authoroties should "restrict the practice of Islam", whatever the hell that means. Additionally, 17% of those living in the nation that gave the world Auschwitz admit believing that Jews have "too much influence"—and 13% openly admit they would welcome a new Fuhrer (the last one worked out so well for them).

One way or other, this is where Corporatism leads, whether from the ethnic hatreds it takes advantage of, or the Orwellian boot in the face that represents its truest expression.

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