Monday, October 25, 2010

Krugman Expains It All

Paul Krugman's column in the Times today is a doozy—do yourself a favor, and take a look.

Money quote:

The tragedy here is that if voters do turn on Democrats, they will in effect be voting to make things even worse.
The resurgent Republicans have learned nothing from the economic crisis, except that doing everything they can to undermine Mr. Obama is a winning political strategy. Tax cuts and deregulation are still the alpha and omega of their economic vision.
And if they take one or both houses of Congress, complete policy paralysis — which will mean, among other things, a cutoff of desperately needed aid to the unemployed and a freeze on further help for state and local governments — is a given. The only question is whether we’ll have political chaos as well, with Republicans’ shutting down the government at some point over the next two years. And the odds are that we will.

Like Professor Krugman points out, we are free-falling into the abyss—and our only lifeline, before hitting the rocks, is to keep power away from the clowns, the crooks, and the crazies who brought us to the precipice in the first place. It is a hard thing when your only other choice is one that has been as ineffectual as the Democrats have been, but we learned, the hard way, the cost of ideological purity in 2000, when Ralph Nader and his voters delivered the presidency to George W. Bush.

God help us.

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