Friday, October 29, 2010

I Had a One-Night Stand With Christine O'Donnell

That's the title of an item at Gawker, written by a poor bastard who apparently did, indeed, exchange precious fluids with the Life of the Tea Party, and has photos that prove they were quite friendly, at the very least. The picture above was taken on Halloween, several years ago (and judging by her red eyes, must've been during her time with the coven).

Kind of a nasty thing to do, although I guess she's made her personal life fair game by many of the things she's said over the course of her unending campaigns for elective office. There's never been any doubt that she lacks the experience, the gravitas, and the basic sanity to hold any position of public trust—too bad she wasn't born in Roman times, when she could perhaps have been a Priestess of Vesta, though I'm not sure if born-again virgins were permitted to apply—so I question whether any of it really matters.

Whatever else, though, this story (and these pictures) constitute proof that even if she is not intellectually up to the job of being a United States Senator, temperamentally she was born for it.

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