Monday, October 25, 2010

Bat Boy Seeking West Virginia Governorship

According to Dr. Barry Leeds, author of the newly released unauthorized biography of Bat Boy (Going Mutant), the refractory rodent born in a West Virginia cave has announced his candidacy for governor of that economically troubled state. Running as an independent, he plans to rejuvenate the economy by constructing what should be a major tourist attraction, Mt. Batmore, into which his likeness will be carved alongside such luminaries as Aunt Bea, Booker T. Washington, and someone who looks, inexplicably, like Barbara Walters. Additionally, Bat Boy plans to create other new industries from the notoriously mountainous and rocky West Virginia landscape, aiming to make especial inroads into producing food. Although farming and ranching are difficult on a large scale because of the topography, Bat Boy has noted that West Viginia produces bugs as well or better than any state in the union. "Plus, because they're little, they take up less space, " a spokesman has noted, adding that Bat Boy will make it his priority for West Virginia to become the Bug Ranching (or Buggery) capital of the world.

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