Monday, September 27, 2010

Winning the War on Dope,16 Ounces at a Time

Folks are strutting just a little safer from the Reefer Menace tonight, at least on the streets of San Saba, Texas.

In a coordinated sweep utilizing the resources of city and county law enforcement, The San Saba Police, led by Chief Ray Riggs, and the San Saba Sheriff's Dept., led by Sheriff L.A. Brown, raided a Dope House on West Taylor, and arrested a notorious Dope-Pusher, recovering one pound of Marijuana Dope in the process. "This in no way puts a dent in the (Dope) problem on our streets," Sheriff Brown modestly cautioned, with characteristic modesty and caution. "But it is a good hit and lets them (Dope-Pushers, Dope-Users, Dopes-in-General, Democrats) know that we are still out here."

(Believe me, Sheriff Brown, they know—and that's the straight, um, you know, um...dope)...

In other news, the combined efforts of the Department of Public Safety and the Texas Rangers resulted in the interruption of a card game, taking place in a detached garage located on West Wallace. No arrests were made, but a pinochle deck was confiscated.

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