Friday, September 3, 2010

'Tis the Season of Pumpkin Boy

He is well, by the way, and sends his regards to his many friends and admirers, and in recognition of the season, is willing to forgive his several trangressors (certain mockers who have disassembled his various body parts, even hiding his head in an oven, subjecting him to pity and ridicule—he remembers your names, but he forgives you).

September 1st is the official beginning of the season, and as always I resolve to watch at least 1 horror film per day, until the all-out horror film Extravaganza of All-Hallows Eve. My Official Halloween Film Index—an actual document I was holding in my actual hands a few minutes ago—

—consists of several pages, and more than 150 films. I am proud to say that last year Pumpkin Boy and I watched more than 130 of them during the season. This year, we aim to improve upon that proud achievement. Over the past couple days, we have seen I Bury the Living, I Sell the Dead (a new and worthwhile addition to the index), The Seventh Victim, Ghost Ship (the real Ghost Ship, from 1944, not the piece of crap made a few years ago), I Walked with a Zombie, The Spiral Staircase, The Devil's Curse, and House of the Devil (another worthy new addition). Tonight, we watched The Frozen Ghost and Weird Woman (twice), so we're obviously well on our way to a record-setting year. The latter two films are Universal horror programmers from 1944, both starring Lon Chaney, Jr., and based on the Inner Sanctum radio show. Recommended.

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