Thursday, March 10, 2011


If you haven't been reading the bullshit fucking piece of shit story regarding a couple of NPR fundraisers getting punked on camera by the Nazi-faced creep pictured on the right, you can do so here. Notice how, in this story posted at the Huffington-fucking-Post—an on-line news source that was built by liberals, for liberals—the word SCANDAL is repeatedly used.


What fucking SCANDAL?????

The only scandal is that NPR's gutless board didn't stand up for her.

Where is the fucking story here, even? A couple of fundraisers letting offensive comments made by an offensive prospective giver of five million dollars go unchallenged? Wow, that's really surprising, isn't it? Or being caught saying nasty things about the tea-party loons—or the republican pricks who are constantly trying to defund them? And these two weren't even involved in fucking programming!!!!! They're fundraisers, for God's sake!!!!!

Why is this a story?—I'll tell you fucking why—because the news media is corporate owned. And because the twisted little Hitler-Youth fuckwad behind it MUST be reported, as if what he was doing mattered—as if it was legitimate news, deserving comment by serious people— either because of the corporate influence, or because they've been cowed into doing it by these idiotic arguments of balance, and fairness, which produce news that is neither balanced or fair. False equivalencies—Michael Moore is the same as Ann Coulter, Keith Olberman is the same as Bill O'Reilly, Rachel Maddow is the same as Glenn-fucking-Beck—and it's absolute bullshit. Anyone with an IQ north of 90 can tell it's bullshit. But it gets reported, anyway.

But dammit, the Huffington Post is supposed to be different.


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