Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The 400

As Michael Moore pointed out not long ago, 400 families in this country control more than half the wealth—closer to 60%, actually. They use this wealth to influence—fuck that, control—every branch of government, as well as the news media. Not merely to maintain their wealth, but to create more of it—they are voracious, without conscience.

And yet, they are relatively secure in their persons. Walk among us, as if they hadn't a care in the world. Go to restaurants, theaters, ballparks—stroll down our streets—with seeming impunity.

Why is it, I wonder? These Attilas and their families have wreaked devestation upon us, stolen our prosperity, right from under our feet. Ruined families, bankrupted nations, even led us into needless wars, killing and maiming thousands—you'd think they'd need armed escorts wherever they went, wouldn't you? How can they enjoy a meal at a public restaurant, unmolested—O.J. Simpson couldn't. How much worse are the Koch brothers, or Donald Trump, or Richard Mellon Scaife?

Perhaps this is the last weapon in our arsenal, outside of a Michael Collins-type resistance (bringing war directly to their front porches). Perhaps if people would respond to them with catcalls and disgust, along with various projectiles, some behavior modification might be accomplished. Maybe if little Buffy or Bitsy regularly came home from a night on the town wearing tomato-stained clubwear, or if Skippy or Biff was to lose a molar or two every now and again just for the hell of it, a tempering might occur. No one wants to be a pariah, not even sociopaths like The Four Hundred. And really, who deserves it more?

I dunno, just an idea. In any war, one must use the weapons at one's disposal. When the game is fixed everywhere you turn—when even the so-called Change President turns out to be an employee of Goldman Sachs—every form of resistance is on the table.

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