Friday, February 11, 2011


How y'all been?

Been awhile, ain't it?

Been in a weird place. Innerd-wise, I mean. Maybe ready to start posting again. Hope so.

We're hosting another party, this moment. MFA kinda thang. Whatever, right? More proof that the loneliest fucking place in the world is a room filled with people.

I miss Texas really bad. Some news, huh? Sound like an infantile broken record.

I reckon.

Yeah. See y'all again soon i expect.


  1. Nick you my boy. Sending Texas-y vibes!

  2. plenty of stuff going on, here are some "bullet points"
    -definitely the coldest winter I've ever experienced in Austin--tonight will be the last sub freezing overnight lows for at least a week
    -the funny farm beckons as Perry and other lamebrains make all kinds of crazy noises at the State Capitol, I'll spare you the details
    -many of us attempting to return to school this semester (myself) or continue (Marty included) had unexpected problems with funding, after being told by FAFSA/the Feds that we qualified for maximum amount of Pell Grant money etc, nothing was there when it came time to register, therefore some of us with no money living on Unemployment had to not attend school this semester
    -many of us are happy anyway and continuing to write
    -all of us miss you guys and can't wait to see you again

  3. Ryan— Them's the only vibes i got, better or worse (Hope you're doing well—not too too many Jim Beams & Cokes, though)...

    Cayla— Thanks for hangin in...gonna try and post more, i think...

    George— Sorry to hear bout the fafsa...Any word on when the money might be there? Can't fucking wait to see you, too—won't be long now...