Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We achieved Texasness on May 12, at 4:33pm.

After spending several days in San Saba, Austin City Limits occurred at 11:17am, May 16.

The past week has been spent finding a place to live, and seeing friends. Our duplex won't be ready until the first, or thereabouts. Probably will wait till then to re-start our internet account, so access is restricted to coffee houses, temporarily.

I'll begin posting again then, I suspect.

In the meantime, it's motherfucking good to be home. They took pretty good care of the joint while we were away, I'm happy to report. The Dobie Theatre is gone, which is really, really fucked up, and that weird bookstore next to Central market is gone, too, as is Wok & Roll, and Dots. And Pronto Mart is a shell of its former self. Austin City Limits moved off-campus, downtown next to City Hall. But—just as First Street is named for Cesar-fucking-Chavez—Second Street is now called Willie (fucking) Nelson Boulevard (and they got a statue and everythang) and I approve. Plus, we got a drive-in theatre now, and a food trailer downtown called Garage Mahal, plus East Side Pies opened up another location off Airport, west of the freeway. And we got here just in time for the Paramount's Summer Classic Movie Series, and this year they're showing The Apartment and Cat People.

So, yeah, Austin is Austin. I'm typing this from the back window at Quacks, and the sunshine is abundant, as it is 300 days a year here. God is in His heaven, and The Dude abides.

See y'all soon.

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