Sunday, January 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jim

Jim Croce oughta be 67 today.

Two videos. First, probably my favorite of his songs, Dreamin' Again. I love the lyric:

I'm not the same
Can you blame me?
Is it hard to understand?
I can't forget
You can't change me
I am not that kind of man

Typically Crocian conceit. Like the snake in the parable, none of us can really escape our natures, can we?

The second, another favorite, Operator.

Jim was hardly a man for our time. He was often bombastic, and unabashedly sentimental.

God bless and keep your constant soul, Jim.


  1. Oh man! I'm so excited that you posted this. Jim Croce is my absolute favorite oldie man. New Yorks Not My Home is my favorite. Wonderful post buddy!!!

  2. week later, still rockin this post! SO good!

  3. Hi Cayla...
    Been so busy with my stupid job, haven't had a lot of time to post...Glad you like Jim, too—his defining characteristic was honesty, i think...Always a limited resource...

  4. Nick!!! You're back! You've been missing in action. Stupid jobs. Taking away from my readin'. Yes'm, I do love my Jim. Glad to see you post again.