Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Grievous Angel

Gram Parson's real name was Ingram Cecil Connor III, a good Irish name for a man with an authentic Irish thirst.

You probably know the famous story of how he OD'd on morphine and booze in 1973, at the ripe old age of 26, and how his road manager and a buddy borrowed a hearse, and stole Gram's body from LA International Airport; how they were pursued by the cops, and managed to escape to the desert and Gram's beloved Joshua Tree, where they drenched his body with gasoline, and set him afire, per his wishes. You may even know how incredibly influential he was—how he was country music's first outlaw, how he was worshipped by several generations of songwriters, how the Stones wrote Wild Horses, in his honor—and still not realize, as I didn't till not very long ago, how motherfucking good he was.

Either way, this is a great video. Give it a listen.

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