Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Muh’fuh’in' Cold Blues

I came home from workin'
Fell in the muh’fuh’in' bed
Didn’ watch no teevee
I been sleepin instead
Baby this muh’fuh’in' sickness
Make me wanta lose my fuh’in' head.

I got a muh’fuh’in' cold, baby
I caint taste my food
I got a muh’fuh’in' cold, mama
Or is it the muh’fuh’in' flu?
Well this muh’fuh’in' coughin'
Give me the muh’fuh’in' blues.

I gotta goes to workin'
Caint lie around and sleep
My body got the fever
I just sniffles and I sneeze
And If I don’t goes to workin'
Muh’ fuh’ers gonna fire me


When I come home from workin
Gonna load my .45
Gonna show that muh’fuh’in' virus
I don’t play that fuh'in' jive
Yeah just one us muh’fuh’ers
Gittin outta here alive.


--Willie "Leadbone" Johnson


  1. "The Mange" has eaten into your brain.

  2. Leadbone don't play that...

    Yeah, woman, that's what I said--

    He has spoke.


    Can somebody turn the lights down, just a little? Hurts a muh'fuh'ers eyes, know what I'm say'n'?

  3. Rich?
    ("Can a muh-fuh get a glass of water?")

    You should do a post on Rich. On Mudbone. Comedy as performance ART.